A Library-wide role in seeding a new copyright culture at UNB


Engagement with copyright issues has emerged naturally in UNB Libraries’ environment. It has grown and been nurtured as a vital element of the scholarly publishing landscape and the sometimes thorny issue of access to academic resources.  Since establishing a Copyright Officer position in 2008, we have been viewed outside the libraries as leading the university’s response to the recent changes in copyright policy.  Our dealings with copyright have naturally evolved into an institutional advisory role, as we help weed through this transitional time. As an institution, our copyright strategy has revolved around a system of copyright compliance that involves most of our librarians.  This structure is embedded in our liaison role.  Front line staff working with course reserves are critical to our system because they are often the first point of contact for course instructors and students.  Our overall structure for dealing with copyright issues benefits the library because it recognizes our expertise, enhances collegial relationships on campus, and provides the university with a robust system that has permitted continual reflection and assessment.
In this session, we will discuss our homegrown strategies in the context of our library system, what roles have been taken on and by whom, and how the culture of copyright has blossomed at UNB over the past several years. This session will allow for a sharing of best practices from other institutions in addition to time for Q and A.

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15 May 13:30 - 14:30