Staffing 21st Century Libraries: Atlantic Canadian Perspectives


This session will present research results from the pilot phase of a research project funded by the APLA Memorial Trust. Atlantic Canadian public libraries are essential contributors to civic life, yet there is a significant gap in the literature concerning the important individuals who work in them. As an increasing number of experienced librarians prepare for retirement, and job descriptions are altered in response to organizational changes and fiscal restraint, the topic of human resource management is of particular importance for public libraries. Our research addresses the gap in understanding through a focused study of human resources using the lens, in particular, of hiring and retention practices.  Such practices are impacted by key organizational characteristics, such as administrative and governance structures, collective agreements, employment equity, HR needs assessment practices, training and development budgets, etc.
This pilot study includes an analysis, comparison, and evaluation of human resource policies and practices in different public library systems in Atlantic Canada. We provide insights gleaned from semi-structured interviews with key informants drawn from leaders and human resource managers in public libraries. We frame all of our analyses within the broader context of human resource literature.The session contributes new information pertinent for many types of library, with particular relevance for public libraries, and draws firmly on Atlantic Canadian examples. The presenters will engage with the audience through several interactive components throughout the hour, finishing with a general question and answer period.

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16 May 09:00 - 10:00