The State of Scholarly Communications in CAUL-CBUA Institutions

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Driven in part by the success of the open access movement and a proliferation of self-publishing platforms, many academic libraries have launched new services under the rubric of Scholarly Communications. These services typically include research repositories, data archives, journal and book publishing platforms, open access author’s funds, and faculty outreach around licensing agreements, author’s rights, and new models for academic publishing. Many CAUL-CBUA institutions have launched at least one initiative in this area, and are looking for ways to expand their scholarly communications offerings. This paper will present the preliminary results of an assessment performed by CAUL-CBUA’s newly formed Scholarly Communications Committee. We will provide an overview of the development of Open Access initiatives and scholarly publishing activities at member institutions, will assess the major challenges facing these fledgling services, and will consider ways in which CAUL-CBUA institutions might work together to continue to develop and promote these new directions. Finally, we will consider the development of Atlantic region Scholarly Communications services in the larger Canadian context.
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15 May 15:00 - 16:00