Pre-Conference: RDA on the Ground (part II) (ends 4:00 pm)

In this full-day workshop we will :

  • review FRBR and introduce the RDA framework;
  • outline the major differences from AACR, and review RDA elements as they are encoded in MARC records;
  • introduce and discuss the construction of authorized access points (headings) using RDA;
  • provide familiarity with the resources and tools needed in order to continue to work with and implement RDA.

Attached are two files containing the presentation slides and exercises, for you to print out and bring to the workshop or download onto your laptop.

We will not have printed handouts available on the day, so please print yourself a copy if you need one.

We will start at 9am sharp and suggest that you arrive early enough to register, get a coffee and settle in.

Preparation for the preconference

The preconference will start with a short introduction and review of FRBR and the RDA framework, but will quickly move on to RDA elements and working with RDA in the MARC environment.

To prepare for the preconference, we recommend that you warm up and “get your hands in the dirt” by watching one of these free webinars:

RDA for the Non-Cataloger, Lorie Robare (60 minutes)
Originally presented on October 31, 2012.

Many libraries will be implementing Resource Description & Access (RDA) early in 2013. What will this mean for technical services and other library staff? How are RDA records different from AACR2 records? This webinar provides a general overview of the changes in RDA, particularly those affecting staff in technical services and those noticeable in the OPAC. No knowledge of current cataloging standards or MARC required! This session does not teach how to catalog with RDA, but it can be a useful foundation for catalogers new to RDA as well as other library staff and administrators.

RDA in 10 easy steps, Thomas Brenndorfer (60 minutes)
Originally presented November 7, 2012.

Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the successor to the cataloging rules, AACR2. RDA completely revamps the structure of the cataloging instructions by closely following the entity-relationship model used to construct databases. However, as complex as these changes are, they can be reduced to ten easy steps. Join in on a walkthrough of the new structure. A demonstration of how a simple book can be cataloged with RDA helps catalogers understand the new structure and makes it easier to navigate RDA and find related instructions for other resources.


Schedule info

Time slot: 
14 May 13:00 - 16:00